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PPC - Pay Per Click Services

PPC stands for Pay per Click, Effective pay per click management can be used to increase traffic, reduce cost per click and boost profit. "PPC Management” provides maximum ROI by optimal placement and using proper keywords and narrowing gap between bids through its keyword management services, saving you time, money and as well as manage your Overture™, Google™, Miva™ and other PPC accounts. Our Pay per Click management services significantly improves your return-on-investment from Overture, Google and other PPC engines by reducing costs, increasing traffic, and saving your precious hours of management time.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords are short pay per click ads that are displayed on the right side of Google search results. The ad copies display the highly relevant and targeted results on the right side of the Google SERPS (Search engine results pages).

Steps involved in setting up an AdWords campaign?

1. Find a product, business to promote that is in high demand. This can be an affiliate product or one of your own products. I recommend not to promote a product which has no demand. Do your keywords research first.

2. Keyword Research - Try to select the targeted and potential keyword which suits your business or product, avoid unnecessary clicks from search engine users because it can increase the average cost per click.

There are several Keyword research tools available online but some of the prominent are listed below.

3. Check the Competitiveness of Keypharses - Enter any of your main keywords in the Google search engine and see how many ads are displayed on the sponsored ad of the search results. Some of keyphrase might have as many as 40 advertise or more it clearly means very high competition market, but if the no. of advertiser for any keyphrase is 16 or less, it can be potential market to target.

4. Create a Google AdWords Account - There is a US$5.00 activation fee for Google AdWords. After that, you decide how much you are willing to pay per click and per day. You can choose a maximum cost-per-click (CPC) from US$0.05 – as much as you want and set a daily budget as low as 5 cents USD or as high as you want.

5. Write your ad Copy - Look at the ads which are currently live on Google to give you an idea of how to write ad copies. Use your main keyword or key phrase in the title of your ad copy. You may even be able to include other keywords within the body of your ad campaign. Here's a format of a typical ad:

Title: - 25-character limit

Description 1:- Benefits (35-character limit)

Description 2:- Features (35-character limit)

Display URL: - (35-character limit)

Destination URL: - The Destination URL can be up to 1,024 characters and is the actual web page users will land on after they click on your ad.

Here's an Example

Pay-Per-Click (ppc) Account Management

Boost (Increase) your ROI

Adword Qualified Company UK

Write different ad copy for each of your ad groups. You never know which performs better than the other ad group and Make sure the landing page or website is relevant to the ads. This will help to reduce waste of the clicks.

6. Track the Results - To identify how many of your customers clicked through to your website from your Google AdWords, use a unique tracking URL for each ad group. This will also give you an indication which ads and keywords converted the most clicks to sales. Google automatically tracks the click through rate for your all ad.

7. Refinement and Continuous Improvement - As you will start receiving the statistics of your adwords campaigns you can improve the performance of your campaigns. The traffic analysis can help you in knowing the behavior of your visitors in order to apply those changes to your running campaigns. You can filter the non-performing keypharses and make further enhancements in the already good performing keyphrases.

If you follow these guidelines for creating your Google AdWords campaign, you can quickly attract new visitors to your web site or affiliate program and generate instant sales.


PPC Management allows you to get maximum exposure, while you control the amount you want to spend on your marketing campaign. There are no risks and you can clearly track the effectiveness of your ad campaign.





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